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Fees FAQs

Fees FAQs

How much do your accountancy services cost?

We normally charge by the hour, and the hourly rate depends on the level of service required (e.g. it costs more for international tax advice than for a simple book-keeping service). Normally we will quote fees in advance, and in some circumstances we will offer a fixed fee service.

What if my business is dormant – do I still need to pay?

Normally in the first instance yes, as most of the compliance carried out by THPCA will continue in the months following cessation of activities. However after a few months things will wind down and no more fees will be due. Of course if you decide to leave THPCA, then we will terminate our charges immediately.

How do I know your fee is value for money?

Only through your experience in dealing with us will you get an impression of whether we provide value for money. However we believe that amongst our direct competitors we are amongst the less expensive in the market-place.

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